Perspectives on the Just City

Conditions of justice and injustice in our cities and communities are different depending on your life experiences. The Just City Lab's "Perspectives on the Just City" video series celebrates this diversity, by showcasing a variety of people involved in making cities great. We've asked them to share their views on pressing issues of injustice — and to invoke the values they believe will lead to a more just city.

Artist • Brandon Breaux

Scholar • Susan Fainstein

Policymaker • Nadeem Mazen

Publisher • Tau Tavengwa

Student Mayu Takeda

planner • toni griffin



"The good news is, there is a future for the next generation of Detroiters, both those there now and those that want to come. ... while Detroit might not be what it was, Detroit will not die."

toni griffin • a new vision for rebuilding detroit

More Talks

The Just City Lab's director, Toni Griffin, is on the road often to deliver talks at convenings worldwide. We encourage you to reach out to book Toni for your next event.


WeMakeThe.City Co-creation Panel Amsterdam (56:00 – 1:21:16)

Nelson Mandela Foundation • Johannesburg • 2018 (2:17:54)

Institute for Quality Communities • Oklahoma City • 2017 (56:14)

Detroit Policy Conference • Detroit • 2017 (24:41)

Chautauqua Institition: Creating Livable Communities • Chautauqua, NY • 2015 (1:12:02)

MKE United Greater Downtown Action Agenda • Milwaukee • 2016 (40:26)


The "Design for the Just City" course at the Harvard Graduate School of Design required students to work through several exercises that called upon them to: increase their awareness of their own cultural biases toward different groups and the social position of others; define the just city via a written and video just city manifesto; analyze possible roots and consequences of urban development policy on urban justice; develop a set of evaluation indicators and metrics to assess design’s impact on urban justice; and analyze a place or neighborhood to determine its “just-ness." The 25 student manifesto videos represent their convictions, desires, and demands for a more just city.

GSD Just City Seminar Spring 2016